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Ultime notizie

We're extremely excited to announce the official release of new version SprutCAM 11!
It had presented March 20th - 21th in Frankfurt and available right now!
This is a major version release with hundreds of new features, enhancements, and improvements: 5D Surfacing operation, Helical operation, Rotary roughing operation, Pencil operation, Corners cleanup operation, Toolholder collision avoidance, Dynamic approach / return move editing and more!

European SprutCAM Conference

SPRUT Technology recently held its 4th European SprutCAM Conference in Frankfurt/Main, Germany which took place from 02 to 04 November and gathered European key resellers to highlight the soon to be released SprutCAM 10. SprutCAM resellers converged at SprutCAM Europe offices to attend the SprutCAM Reseller Meeting & Training.
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08 November 2015

We are glad to let you know that DALCA BRASIL LTDA and COMAC, our partner in Brasil will take part at the Fimma Brasil 2015 a flagship show 16. – 20.03, 2015, Bento Gonçalves, RS Brasil and will showcase the latest SprutCAM Robot. We invite you to visit a fair and take a closer look at all the latest features as well as get actual training and help.
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12 February 2015

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